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16/2: Musical Spirituality

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Chapter 16 Energies of the Root, Third, fifth, seventh harmonics; Higher harmonics and 53-eq


The soul is a harmony.  –Aristotle

Most of this book has been more or less technical and historical in nature. As I have shown my 53-eq mandala to people, some have come up with connections to various spiritual traditions. I thought I would devote a chapter to some of these conjectures. But by way of introduction, I am not a practitioner of any of the occult systems which attempt to tie musical, astrological and spiritual traditions together. I don’t embrace the esoteric charts and modalities and try to put them into practice in my musicmaking. For that matter, I am not smart enough to create a beautiful melody within a complex numerological system. It’s all I can do to write music that sounds good! Bach pulled it off; his music is laden with Christian symbology and numerological/astrological structures. But he had synapses to spare and could have created great music no matter what system he employed. For now, I rely on my understanding of music theory and the 53-eq template, and listen carefully with my ears and heart, rather than embrace an ancient (or New Age) musical system.

If you are an agnostic or atheist, you may think this chapter is not for you. It’s a summary of some of the ways 53-eq music can dovetail with various ancient, Christian and New-Age spiritual traditions. If you are inclined to summon the Divine through music, a word of caution: be very careful about constraining your musical inspiration by forcing it into a nonmusical strait-jacket! Allaudin Mathieu once issued the God Rule of Music for me to follow: if it sounds good, it is good. All other systems, from ancient scales to laws of acoustics to music theory systems and traditions to occult databases to architectural principles to astrological convergences, are at best secondary to The God Rule and at worst a violation of it. So take this entire chapter with a grain of salt and please don’t let it slow you down from the flow of inspiration in your heart. On the other hand, we have already discovered that every ancient musical tradition believes it is deeply interconnected with every level of human experience in every society, from the Music of the Spheres to Divine Inspiration to the Muses to politics and traditions of social order to human psychology to the very cells and atoms that vibrate and sing throughout the universe. So perhaps it is worthwhile to at least be aware of these traditions and perhaps come to understand why they were created.

When I talk about how the 53-eq template allows for music that is in alignment with the harmonic series and the musical traditions of the ancients, people often say it is music of the heavens, or music of the angels. I am quick to correct them, and to remind people that the 53-eq’s alignment with the natural harmonics is the most earthly thing you can do with music. This is music of right here, with an immediacy and clarity discovered by the ancients and lost to our modern world. It is a little like saying whole grains are angelic!

We have already talked about the importance of music to the cosmology of the ancients in many different cultures. Here are some other ways people attempt to connect music to spiritual energies.

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